Destroyed dam makes a terrible situation even worse



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Deadly landmines and other munitions are drifting from the Dnieper River front following the blasting of the Kakhovka Dam.

600 square kilometers are under water in the Kherson region, and deadly mines drift down the river. Many have a presumption that mines that are under water are less dangerous, but this is definitely not the case. Even mines from World War 2 that have been under water for over 70 years are still operational.

The problem we see here is catastrophic, the mines pose a great danger and a huge security risk to Civilian Ukrainians. There is a high probability that they will jump if they collide, or are picked up by people without the necessary training.

The mines can float for several kilometers, and once the water recedes, there is a high probability that the mines will be covered by debris, soil or something else, so they are extremely difficult to find.

We at DSGU would very much like to support and lead an operation, etc. to map and remove the mines in the contaminated areas. However, this requires a financial injection that is greater than what we currently have at our disposal. We have therefore reached out to the government's Ukraine Fund, which is managed by the Ministry of Commerce, but so far without success. If there is anyone out there with knowledge of how to apply and be considered for the fund, we would very much like to hear from you.


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