Demining started in Chernihiv



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Demining started in Chernihiv

We have now commenced demining and our team leader on the ground, Andy, moved with the team to Chernihiv yesterday.

In Chernihiv, we have been assigned an area of ​​2.3 million. square meters, on which the team is conducting a technical survey.

This is the process before you start real clearing, so that you can quickly release the terrain that does not require so much work. The area is searched, meter by meter, and dangerous areas are marked, and safe areas are being quality checked and released back to the locals.

The donated robots have now landed in Denmark, where we are running a lot of different tests on them. In addition, we are in the process of creating an event around the robots and the whole project, which is planned for September 15.

Here we would of course like to invite you, people with an interest and relevant public figures, NGOs, embassies and the like.

More information regarding the event will come at the end of the week.


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