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Your contribution to DSGU goes directly towards helping the local population rebuild their homes and lives

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Ukraine is in desperate need of our help during these difficult times. The country is facing a situation where the safety of its people is threatened by mines and unexploded munition, which pose a danger to both children and adults. Buildings, parks, playgrounds, and agricultural land are contaminated.

Help us remove these dangerous objects so that children can play safely, families can move into their homes, and farmers can start cultivating the land and providing food for Ukraine.

Any amount helps, whether it's big or small, and you can support us as an individual, a company, or an association. If you are a company or association and would like to support us, please reach out to us at our contact email, and we can create a solution that meets your needs.

It is also possible to support us on a monthly basis and become a member of DSGU. In that case, we will send regular updates.

If you support us through a bank transfer, please include your email as a message in the transfer.

DSGU is approved by the collection board in Denmark.

Learn more about our initiatives here.

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KONTO: 9210350583

IBAN: DK9781439210350583

CVR: 43111973

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Would you like to support DSGU's work to help Ukraine financially? We need all the support we can get so that we can provide effective and correct help in the local area.
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