Demining is a major need as large quantities of unexploded ammunition have been left behind - both consciously and unconsciously. Up to 30% of all ammunition fired does not detonate as intended. This is a great danger to the local population who want to return to their homes, and especially children


On top of the fighting in Ukraine, there is a great need for clearing unexploded ordnance (UXO), landmines, decoys and improvised explosive devices/booby traps. There are already a number of examples of civilians being seriously injured due to these objects left behind by the Russian forces.

The map on the right shows the places where fighting has taken place and in all these places it is to be expected that demining is necessary to resume everyday life for civilians.

Danish Support Group Ukraine (DSGU) has decided to provide support to the Ukrainian population through a demining program that is expected to be relevant for several years to come due to the large quantities of ammunition used in the area.

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