The Hærløbet raises 150,000 DKK for DSGU's awareness efforts in Ukraine.



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The Hærløbet raises 150,000 DKK for DSGU's awareness efforts in Ukraine.

On May 8, 2024, the annual Hærløbet took place. With all entries sold out, about 1000 enthusiastic participants ran either a 5 or 10 km challenging route in Søndermarken near Frederiksberg Castle or joined the Burden Run, which included rowing, lifting, and carrying heavy objects. The event was created to highlight Denmark's veterans, many of whom participated. , ,

DSGU fielded a strong team.

On behalf of DSGU, Thorbjørn was the happy recipient of the total proceeds of 150,000 DKK, presented by Nimer Ziadmanesh (Chairman of Hærløbet).

What the Funds Will Be Used For

Thanks to the significant donation, we have now launched DSGU's next project, aimed at educating children aged 4-10 about the dangers of explosive objects. The main goal of the project is to develop an innovative app that combines learning with play. The app will function as an interactive game, where children can learn in a fun and engaging way how to stay safe if they encounter dangerous objects in their daily surroundings – gardens, parks, playgrounds, forests, and fields.

Our goal is for this app to extend our reach far beyond what traditional training can offer. To ensure the app is both culturally and educationally relevant, we have partnered with a renowned Ukrainian company and a Ukrainian child psychologist. These partnerships ensure the app is tailored to children's needs and understanding, which is crucial for ensuring their safety and security.


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