Reparation of houses in Chernihiv (Update)



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Reparation of houses in Chernihiv (Update)

Last autumn we helped to renovate some houses in the Chernihiv area. It's time we share a short update about how it went.

Our cooperation arose from our people in Chernihiv who entered into dialogue with a local association of volunteers who renovated houses that had been damaged by bombing. Winter was at the door, and the houses were uninhabitable in their condition. This meant many families were practically homeless.
The local association (Іскра Добра - Iskra Dobra) collected funds and used local volunteer labor to repair the houses so they were habitable again. They could do this for fairly modest means, as it was the local community that had pulled together and rebuilt itself. Overall, they could repair a house so it was livable for about $1000. We contributed funds to them so that they could renovate 10 houses where mainly the roof was so damaged that the house could not be used.

This meant that 10 houses were habitable again, which gave up to 100 people a roof over their heads when winter hit.

The pictures show the houses before and after and bear the logo of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as these were also involved in the project.

We have been asked to pass on a big thank you to our donors. So thank you very much!


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