Presentation for Danske Bank's security department



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Presentation for Danske Bank's security department

Today we had the pleasure of giving a presentation to Danske Bank's security department.

Andy was at home, in the process of renewing his Visa, which was a good opportunity to bring him along and give a completely new and updated dimension to our presentation.

Thorbjørn talked about why he and the other founders had chosen to start an NGO in the first place, why he thought it was relevant, and something you felt obliged to do when you have seen for yourself how terrible war is.

Henrik could talk about the importance of demining and what types of mines and ammunition have been documented as being used in Ukraine, and Andy could talk about exactly what task DSGU is currently involved in on the ground in Ukraine.

The head of security for Danske Bank, thanked us for our efforts and encouraged his employees to reach out in his network and help us find money so that we can continue our work with mine and ammunition clearance for the civilians in Ukraine.


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