Large donation received from a Danish company



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A very generous donation enables us to continuously solve the task and potentially scale.

K W Bruun (K.W. Bruun & Co ( has chosen to donate 1.5 million to our NGO. We are incredibly grateful and honored. The company has gained insight into our work through some employees and has therefore decided to donate a very generous amount to this effort.

This makes a huge difference to our work and not least to the people of Ukraine. This donation will enable us to also make agreements in the slightly longer term, as we now have the financial foundation. Clearing mines is almost as costly as it is important, which is why we are extremely dependent on these private donors who also see the value of that work.

We are always open to collaborations that can provide finances for us to solve our task. If you are interested in hearing more, reach out to us so that we can present our projects and you may be able to support one (or more) of the initiatives.


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