Generous donation from the employees from JN Data



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A big thanks to Søren Lindgaard & JN Data A/S for making this possible 🙏🏽

The money makes a tremendous difference for us, and comes in a particular critical time. The negotiations with the public authorities have been brought to a halt during the new government negotiations, to say the least.

The meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not go as hoped either, as they only accept applications for new strategic collaborations in 2025. The Ukrainians cannot wait for that, so neither can we.

Now the government negotiations are in place, and we therefore hope that some of the politicians who have payed us a visit, are now ready with more than encouraging words.

With the donation from JN Data, we have bought ourselves some time and can therefore continue the cooperation in Ukraine a little longer.

We went into operation as one of the first, and even with relatively few funds. The entire project is funded by private Danish companies such as JN Data and the wealthy individuals. Contributors who already contribute in a big way to our welfare model.

So from the bottom of my heart thank you to all donors🙏🏽❤️🇺🇦Pengene faldt på et rigtig tørt sted, eftersom forhandlingerne med de offentlige myndigheder mildest talt har været bragt til standsning under de nye regeringsforhandlinger.

Mødet med udenrigsministeriet gik heller ikke som håbet, da de først tager imod ansøgninger om nye strategiske samarbejder i 2025. Det kan Ukrainerne ikke rigtig vente på, så derfor kan vi heller ikke.


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