Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) in the Mykolaiv



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DSGU & UDA Uddannelse i EORE Mykolaiv 2023

So the last two months has been busy!

DSGU and UDA collaborate to deliver Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) in the Mykolaiv region. This program aims to raise awareness of the dangers of explosive material (EO) in affected communities and promote safety, with a focus on vulnerable groups, including women, children, the elderly, and disabled individuals.

EORE involves public awareness campaigns in areas such as schools, utilizing information brochures and education. The goal is to create a safe environment and reduce the risk of accidents.

DSGU and UDA operate three mobile EORE teams, each with an operator and a driver/operator, supervised by an EORE manager. Activities adhere to local authorities and aim to directly reach vulnerable groups, guided by "Do No Harm Principles."

EORE Education

EORE needs assessments contribute to national mine reports, involving data collection, analysis, and community engagement. Key data includes target demographics, local knowledge of explosive material, threat levels, risk areas, and behavior change strategies.

EORE Mykolaiv

Non-Technical Survey (NTS):

To support the need for agricultural land clearance, DSGU and UDA have established a Rapid Reaction non-technical survey team. This team assists farmers in identifying and reporting the location of mines and unexploded ordnance to the appropriate authorities.

NTS is crucial for landmine and war remnants clearance efforts, involving a systematic assessment of an area to identify potential hazards and risks associated with explosive remnants. This includes social, economic, and cultural factors impacting the clearance process.

Key aspects of NTS include community collaboration, field evaluation, data collection and analysis, and educating the community about the dangers of explosive remnants and how to remain safe in contaminated areas.

The NTS team consists of three specialists who prioritize areas based on assessments and dialogue with farmers and their families. The goal is to protect vulnerable individuals by locating hazardous items and promoting a "do not touch" approach to prevent accidents.

NTS Mykolaiv Oblast

💛💙The main goal of conducting educational sessions on the prevention of risks from explosive ordnance (EORE), is to instill a sense of responsibility in the participants, both for their own lives and the lives of others. The focus is on cultivating vigilance and awareness among the population regarding any objects in their surroundings, whether on the streets, in public transportation, or in recreational areas, which may pose explosive hazards.

🔥Within the framework of the project "Training on the prevention of risks from explosive ordnance and identifying the most crucial needs for mine action in the Mykolaiv region," implemented by UDA, with the support of the Danish Support Group Ukraine, three mobile groups of certified EORE instructors are involved.

💥We are diligently working to raise awareness among the population about the risks of mines and explosive ordnance, and to change the behavior of both children and adults towards safety, aiming to reduce the risks of injuries and fatalities.

Let's make Ukraine safe together!

EORE Mykolaiv


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