DSGU Demining in Ukraine Episode 4



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DSGU Demining in Ukraine Episode 4

Up to 20-30% of all fired ammunition do not detonate as intended, in addition to deliberately laid mines.

This means that large areas are enormously dangerous for the civilians in Ukraine, including especially the children, as they are often the ones digging and playing in the ground and the ruins.

Oleksii - deminer & paramedic, demining solutions. A man with a lot of experience, briefly talks about the work.

We at DSGU do humanitarian demining. It is a task for which there is an enormous need, and which helps to help families return to their homes

We are still looking for funding and you can help with a donation to Mobile Pay on 294851.

It is essential that we get support from the Danish state, as this project can be scaled up to over 60 teams and 400 minesweepers. Pt. have we only been able to find enough funding to have a team on the ground in Chernihev.

This is something that makes super good sense, and the Danish state really wants to donate funds to Ukraine, so let's hope that the donation lands in the right places.

If you want to contribute, you can do so via the link here:



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