Clearing the Path: DSGU and Bevar Ukraine Working Together to Address the Looming Threat of Landmines in Ukraine



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DSGU has been working closely with Bevar Ukraine in the fight against the dangerous leftover mines and ammunition, which continue to pose a major threat to the Ukrainian civilian population. During a visit to Bevar Ukraine, the need for mine clearance was discussed as it is crucial for initiating the reconstruction of the affected areas. Mine clearance is a prerequisite for the civilian population to return to their homes and ensure a more stable and secure everyday life.

A close collaboration with Bevar Ukraine is important for addressing the issue of dangerous mines and ammunition and the impact it has on the local population. Furthermore, possibilities for accessing funds from the new Ukraine fund, which has just been agreed through the new finance bill, were discussed. It is crucial to ensure that the funds are allocated in the right place and reach the people who need them the most.

DSGU has already demonstrated its value in the fight against dangerous leftover mines and ammunition. According to a UNDP report, last year, DSGU was responsible for clearing 20% of the total mine and ammunition clearance in Ukraine. Bevar Ukraine is also an important actor in Ukraine as they provide the civilian population with food, humanitarian aid, medicine, and psychological assistance to refugees.

We urge politicians to consider NGOs such as DSGU and Bevar Ukraine when distributing funds as smaller NGOs have shown that they can go a long way with limited resources. It is essential to support organizations that work closely with the problem and have a high degree of effectiveness and transparency in their work.


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