Andy meets with SES and other relevant contacts



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Andy meets with SES and other relevant contacts

Where do we create the greatest value?

We have meetings with the authorities that operate in the area, as well as with the other organizations that are on the ground. It is important for us to find out where we contribute with the greatest value with the limited scale we have.

Initially, we are invited by Emergency Services, so this will be our starting point for a collaboration. However, there are many possibilities in relation to providing ammunition clearance and demining support. This can be for the defense, the police, Ukrainian organizations or international organizations.

Our focus is that the aid goes directly to affected citizens. We must not get involved in removing munitions for the defense or participate in major projects that fall within this that do not benefit the citizens.

This can be difficult to navigate, as it is difficult to know in advance which opportunities a potential collaboration offers and which it closes. That's why we're lucky to have Andy on the ground, as he has a lot of experience navigating these environments.


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