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As the year draws to a close and we soon welcome 2023, we from Danish Support Group Ukraine would like to say thank you for the wonderful contributions we have received here in 2022 and the support we have received to get started with mine clearance and spread our message.

The contributions have been indispensable in our work in Ukraine, where in the period July to November we released a total of 84,500 m2 of the area we were initially allocated. During the period, we have entered into a strong collaboration with UDA (Ukrainian Demining Association) and DS (Demining Solution) in Ukraine. The cooperation has meant that we have been able to obtain the necessary accreditation in Ukraine, and get started with our clearance tasks, and thus have mines and dangerous ammunition removed from a large agricultural area. Via equipment brought from Denmark, and refresher training of Ukrainian clearing personnel, in November we were able to release a total of 84,500 square meters of agricultural area to the local farmers in the area south of Chernihiv called Ivanivka.

Being able to cultivate the fields in Ukraine is a vital part of being able to feed the population, especially while there is war but also for future use. The UN has recently published reports on how many square meters have been freed in Ukraine since the war broke out, and the total result is 463,898 square meters, and DSGU is thus proud that we have contributed almost 20% of the cleared areas for the donations which we have received in 2022. Without you it would not be possible.

With this fine result, we are ready to end year 1 for DSGU. Winter has arrived in Ukraine, and the tasks during the winter period are training and outreach activities in the local areas, where information about contaminated areas is obtained via interviews with the population, as well as mapping of areas where there have been fights. We call this non-technical surveys (NTS). Here in year 1, DSGU has been highly depended on the donor funds that you have contributed with, as we have not received public funds. This despite the fact that DSGU is actually clearing mines and ammunition in Ukraine, and where only 2 NGOs other than DSGU (through the collaboration with DS and UDA) are operational.

We are looking into a 2023 where we would very much like to continue to make a difference to the security of the Ukrainian people by removing mines and dangerous unexploded ordnances. We really want children to be able to play safely in parks and playgrounds, residents to return to their apartments and houses and start rebuilding, and farmers to be able to farm their fields safely without fear of driving over explosives left behind. In order to do this we need additional donations.

We continue to work on getting access to funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are looking for funds for amounts, we are looking at cross-organisational cooperation with other organisations, we are reaching out to the business community for donations, and we hope that more private individuals will also support us. We have had DSGU's website set up in both Danish and English, and we now also have a payment module set up, so it is possible to go in and support us with a one-time donation, or on a monthly basis as a member. We hope as many people as possible will support us in this important task in Ukraine.

In addition, we have received this generous donation from a Canadian company (ICOR Technologies), consisting of two bomb robots, which we have named "Lykketoft and Ellemann". They are being prepared to be sent to Ukraine so that they can be used in important operations this spring, where the objects we need to remove are of such a caliber that it is not safe to handle them with human hands.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for everything you have donated in 2022. Without your donations, the above would not have been possible - results that you have helped to create in Ukraine.

We look forward to a 2023 with good results again.

Best regards from the Board of DSGU

Mette Laudal



Thorbjørn Black

Board member & General Secretary


Per Randgaard

Board member & Operations Manager


Christian Pejtersen

Board member


Jimmi Meilstrup

Board member



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