We are starting dialogue with Damasec and Vita Media Group



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We are starting dialogue with Damasec and Vita Media Group

In order for us to get started quickly, it makes sense to form a partnership with a company that has solved similar tasks.

Through our network, we have come into contact with Damasec, who have removed all kinds of ammunition all over the world. They are determined to quickly find the resources needed to build a contribution around Kiev.

It is important for both of us to focus on what we call "Multi Purpose Teams", which are comparable to the EOD units - Explosive Ordnance Disposal units you see helping the police. These units will both be able to help with the removal of ammunition, but they will also be able to help with training, sparring with local authorities, and management of larger efforts such as large-scale demining.

At the same time, we are in contact with Jimmi Meilstrup from Vita Media Group, who would like to support the project. We consider it to be a very urgent need, so in order to get started quickly, we are betting on private funds. We will still pursue larger grants through foundations and public authorities, but initially the efforts will be driven by private funds.

Vita Media Group is going to help us run the PR part as well as finance the first month, so we can get started right away.


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