High-tech helpers join the NGO



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High-tech helpers join the NGO

ICOR has chosen to donate 2 robots to DSGU to help with demining in Ukraine. ICOR manufactures robots and other demining equipment of the highest quality. For this reason, we are extremely grateful for this donation, as it will provide us with special opportunities and additional capacity.

More specifically, it is an ICOR MK3 CALIBER and an ICOR MINI-CALIBER which are respectively medium and small in size. The robots can be used to search houses and the like significantly faster and safer than you would otherwise be able to. Both robots are designed for clearing mines from a safe distance and are also capable of climbing stairs without problems.

The robots have a value of 500,000 dollars and are on their way from Canada - so it will be a few weeks before they land on the ground in Ukraine.

Link to ICOR Technology's post about support for DSGU:

ICOR Technology is donating Robots to Ukraine - ICOR Technology - Tactical & Security Robotics Products


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